“Enrique” tells Nong Pae to lose the victory

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Spain coach Luis Enrique said Kylian Mbappe was offside when he scored the winner as France won the Nations League

final at the San Siro. “Fierce Bull” took the lead in the 64th minute from Miguel Oyarzabal’s break-out shot, but just two minutes later, Karim Benzema’s equalizer equalized,

then in the 80th minute, Karim Benzema . Pepe dropped in to score the winner to give the world champions a 2-1 win, but the timing appeared to be offside, but referee Anthony Taylor checked the VAR signal and gave

Enrique a goal after the game. opinion “It seems to me that it is offside. But I will maintain my own way of not talking about things that I cannot control,”

said of the game. “We went home without the trophy. But we can fight odds against the current world champions. and play well in terms of quality and strength.”

“At first we had some problems but then we played more aggressively and played the way we wanted. We took the lead but France came back in a minute. We do not have time to breathe, “

” I do not look at it from an outsider would have been like that. But I felt we fought very well against a great team like France. So it’s a little disappointing for the players and the fans,” he said.