Pickford is furious and slams the referee for Liverpool’s side.

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Pickford is furious and slams the referee for Liverpool’s side.

Jordan Pickford, Everton’s goalkeeper, made the referee clearly tilt Liverpool’s side. During the Merseyside derby game.

Jordan Pickford, Everton’s goalkeeper, opens his mouth and doesn’t hold back. The referee obviously tilted in favor of Liverpool , as the whole world knows. During the Merseyside derby game On Saturday, Liverpool won easily 2-0.

Liverpool regained form and won over the Toffees. With Mohamed Salah’s goal after the previous fluctuation in form, which lost to Spurs 1-2 followed by a draw with Brighton 2-2.

In the last game at Anfield, Liverpool gained an early advantage over Everton when Ashley Young was shown a second yellow card in the 37th minute by referee Craig Pawson and the Toffees were forced to play on their own. That was less than in the second half.

“It was a difficult day. It’s always difficult coming to Anfield as an Everton player,” Pickford said. “We gave it our all, worked hard and some decisions weren’t our way. But it’s not anything shocking.”

“I think our work rate is second to none. Especially after being down to 10 men, after about half an hour we lost. They created chances. Like they always do.”

“We fought well as a team. Coming here is always a difficult place. But we’re doing well. and always in the game Even if there are 10 players.”

When asked about the decision The England goalkeeper told https://ufabet999.com : “It doesn’t take glider science to solve this problem. I think the whole world knows… We cannot comment too much beyond this. Because you will attack easily. Just saying this would be better.”