‘Tuchel’ pointed good news ‘Azpilicueta’ extends contract

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Thomas Tuchel says it is good news that Cesar Azpilicueta has extended his Chelsea contract. Including believing that they still have the opportunity to hold Antonio Rudiger Tuchel

gave an interview that almost certainly confirmed 100 percent that. Azpilicueta Has extended the contract for another year according to the terms of the full number of fields

, Barcelona are rumored to be signing the defender of “Sing the Blues”, many people, including Antonio Rudiger, Andreas C. Ristensen, including Azpilicueta

When asked about the contract renewal of Azpilicueta, the German coach replied: “Yes, I know that will happen because I know the number of games the contract extension will take place. It’s good, good news for us.”

When asked what he expected. Azpilicueta To continue with the team next season, Tuchel said: “Yes, of course we have a contract, he is our captain. So there is a very high chance that he will stay with the team.”

“I always knew that a contract extension would happen. He has been a regular for us. You know how much I trust him and how much impact he has made for the club and the team. So it’s very good for us.”

Christensen’s contract expires at the end of the season. And it is expected that he will move to Barcelona in Spain, but Tuchel still does not reveal much in this regard.

“We hear the rumours, we hear the same rumours. I don’t have anything to confirm you because I’m not discussing that right now. But we hear the same rumours. “

Chelsea can’t do much because of the impact of the sanctions against Roman Abramovich. They can’t transfer players, not including contract extensions either, but in the case of Az. Pilicueta That is a condition that has already been stated before.

Tuchel thinks they still have the opportunity to hold back Antonio Rudiger, who is out of contract in the summer. Amid the news that “foreigners” met with the players’ agents.

“If I was with another team I would try to meet him as well. He’s still our player and I still think there’s a good chance he’ll stay when everything is cleared up

. can But I’m still confident.”