Why Jurgen Klopp was sack by Liverpool

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Why Jurgen Klopp was sack by Liverpool.

Former Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor has suggeste Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp could easily kick out of his chair. If this season fails to finish in the top four of the Premier League and continues with a sluggish start unable to accelerate early next season

Klopp has sat at Anfield since 2015 and is credit with being the first and only manager to guide Liverpool to the Premier League title in 2019/20 as well as the UEFA Champions League. Champions League 2019 and FA Cup 2022

with good performance in the past. It is believed that the Liverpool board will not touch Klopp. Even the pinky tip. no matter where this season ends or failed in any way

However, Agbonlahor’s latest comments say Klopp has the right to find a new job. If next season, Liverpool’s form is not better than it is now.

“I would be very cold if I were Klopp if he hadn’t made history at this club. He must have already fired.”

“Next year they won’t be in the Champions League and if the season starts poorly then they’ll be fine. The club would really need to sack him.

“Nothing is impossible. He might say he’s not worry. But in my eyes he should be a bit worried.”

But why is Klopp still keeping the chair without difficulty?

This may be a question for people outside the club. But if it’s Liverpool supporters or the Kop, they’ll see that poor performance is not a reason for Klopp to leave the team, and believe that if he went, it would have been more of a mouthful.

He has been talking about this since the middle of the season. And came to speak again in an interview. Before the game against Chelsea admit. That The world is also crazy. That other people get fired for poor performances. But he can still stay in the position.

Analyzing that what makes Mr. Beer continue to be with the team is Past success credit