‘Conte’ tells the chicken next month must add more troops

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Antonio Conte has confirmed Tottenham Hotspur need more squads in January. Ready to confirm Harry Winks will be part of the team, do not let go anywhere.

The 52-year-old coach took over the reins after the start of the season and soon realized that. Spurs are in need of reinforcements to improve the squad,

Conte led the team to a good run before stumbling upon the draw with Southampton and admitted the team needed new players to bridge the gap with their league rivals.

When asked whether the team needs to get the army or not, Conte replied: “Of course,”

“After the start was just 2 weeks, I told the team that we need to improve the quality of the team to be better and we need to reinforce it. I’m confident about that after 7-10 days and then I can assess who I can and can’t.”

“The gaps are very far apart. We have to work hard to build the team and improve it.”

Conte also revealed that he has now completed his assessment of the players. And decide which players will be part of the team’s plans and who will be released from the club.

“I made an assessment after two months of working with the players. The situation was clearer than before. I look forward to speaking with the club to comment on the team and what I think about our situation at the moment.”

One of the players Conte has trusted in is Harry Winks. His chances and performances are good.

“Winxie plays well. Winxie shows that he is a dependable player, Wingsy will stay for that reason. I’ve found the players I can rely on and I can rely on them, Winxy shows that I can rely on him.”

Spurs will return to action on New Year’s Day with a trip to Watford, who have suffered five defeats in a row so far.