Revealed that ‘Winks’ wanted to leave the Tottenham

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Harry Winks has been linked with a move away from Tottenham on loan at the end of January. To make his career path back into the tracks again.

The England midfielder has struggled to maintain a place in the starting XI both with Jose Mourinho in charge and with current manager Nuno Espirito Santo.

And a report from The Times states that Winks intends to leave the team on loan. Give after the opportunity to bid farewell to the team in the summer

Spurs have been open to offers for Winks in the last transfer market and there has been interest from Aston Villa, Everton and Brighton,

however the 25-year-old has opted to stay. with the team to compete for a starting position under Nuno’s management

Now, Winks is hopeful that leaving the club, at least on loan, will help him regain his career path and be open to international transfers.

This season he has been through a little on the field. playing just over an hour from two of the first seven Premier League games. The remaining three games on the pitch came at the start of the Europa Conference, where

he was a youngster from Spurs’ academy and became a key figure under Mauri. Zio Pochettino, who was in the squad for the 2019 Champions League final,

Winks also hopes of a return to the England squad after losing his place at the start of the year. By which he has been on the field for 10 games together.