Romanoli Milan Hopes Of Qualifying Despite Flickering Chances

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Alessio Romanoli AC Milan captain defender Insist they still believe in the chances of qualifying for.

The group stages of the Champions League as long as there is a possibility of the Red Devils. It was only to open the scoring against Porto 1-1 in the

Champions League last night. This was milan’s first point to grab and a plum of

the group, which made their chances of qualifying for the next round somewhat flickering. However, Romanoli Insisting they still believed

in qualifying chances, as long as possible: “We didn’t do well in the first half and I think everyone saw that. But we were able to get back to ourselves at the start of the second half.’

“It was disappointing because we did our best, we created a lot of chances in the second half and knew it was difficult to compete in the Champions League, but our overall performance over four games should have been more than one point.” Told to ufabet.

It all depends on us, even

if it relies on the results of other teams: “We want to make the fans happy tonight. They’re fantastic, so we hope to give them happiness in Sunday’s derby instead.’