Carragher believes Ronaldo doesn’t solve ghost problems

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Jamie Carragher, a football guru would believe that The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo added more to the problem of not playing as a Manchester United team than to solve the problem.

Ronaldo has arrived from Juventus. when summer With five goals scored, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s overall condition has not looked good, with two defeats to Young Boys in the Champions League and Aston Villa in the Champions League. League, while most recently drawing at home to Everton

Carragher has commented to The Telegraph that Ronaldo’s arrival does not solve the problem of the team relying too much on individual talent. It seems that it will also increase the problem even more.

That is the reason why? Even though the team has added many great players The climb to the same level as Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea,

“They are a team that focuses on abilities rather than playing as a team, the source of Cristiano Ronaldo seemed. Adding more problems will be solved in this regard. That’s the reason why, despite the fact that the team has a lot of great players. But they still can’t reach the same level as the other 3 opponents.

Shows that the lack of continuity in the team has not improved at all “

Moreover Carragher has described as” champions “Manchester City look good for a win this season, even the pass. In 7 games, Chelsea will have a leading point.

“They (City) are still favorites to win the title. Questions arose after failing to find a replacement for Sergio Aguero. But for Pepsi than cardio it is fine, “Carragher added

” They passed a tough 2-3 game. The best and collecting up to 4 points is considered the favorite team to win the championship again.” According to reports by ufabet