Lampard insists he can accept, Chelsea lose

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Lampard insists he can accept, Chelsea lose – ask for time to clear up the problem.

Chelsea interim manager Frank Lampard insists he doesn’t blame his team in any way. with losing Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-1 last Saturday, pointing out that problems with the team. It takes some time to adjust. It’s not just coming in overnight and it can solve immediately.

On their return to the team after 27 months, Chelsea went out of form in their away game at Molineux Stadium, losing 0-1 with only one shot on target throughout the game and becoming It was the last 3 games of the 3 coaches of the Singha brand team who couldn’t shoot anyone, holding on to rank 11 as before.

“It’s a big job managing Chelsea,” said the 44-year-old, who replaced caretaker Bruno Saltor. “We knew we weren’t in the position. We want to be. live But it has a reason of its own.”

“I didn’t expect to solve all my problems in one day. You need to be more aggressive in the game. play faster and play a better one-on-one game.”

“The players have to be aware of this. because without those things you can’t win It’s interesting to watch them. I’m here to help the team. I didn’t come to attack anyone. I know we have a lot of very talented players.

Chelsea’s next game will continue to face serious battles with Real Madrid attacking in Spain for the last 8 teams of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday, April 12, but Lampard confirmed that this event does not exist. What to be afraid of? “If you’re scare don’t come. Any player, don’t come.”

“I’m not saying my team isn’t aggressive. It’s just that we have to work together. Wednesday will be a completely different game.

Everton have announced the appointment of former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard as their new manager. with a contract until 2024

Everton are looking for a new permanent manager after sacking Rafael Benitez in the middle of the month. In spite of just over the team last summer. Behind the owner “Toffee Blue” has made a disappointing performance by collecting only 19 points from the previous 19 matches.