Liverpool was shocked! Santos reveals Jota’s injury is not good

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Liverpool face bad news ahead of Watford on Saturday when Portugal national team manager Fernando Santos

Come out to admit that Diego Jota has problems with injuries that interfere with training. 

And should be sent back to the agency if not fit.

Jota had an injury problem that prevented him from playing in Portugal is 3-0 win over Qatar last weekend. And the latest Santos has confirmed.

That Will send the Reds star back to the agency if the symptoms have not improved

“He has been practicing for a while. Intensified today with the co-operation with the British countered, but he has not beaten a team with us, “Santos revealed before leading the team to meet Luxembourg in a World Cup qualifier on Tuesday.

” probabilities. There are few I’ll talk to him again how he feels.

He will be named in the team. It’s a good thing.”

“But if we see that it’s not like that We won’t risk players who haven’t trained with us for a long time.

if he doesn’t play We will send him back to Liverpool.” The

news is not good for Liverpool as Jota is a key player in the Jurgen Klopp attacking line this season, with the opportunity to start in League 6. 7 games and scored 3 goals in 9 games in all competitions. according to a report ufabet.