Man Utd must give Sancho a little more chance

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Roy Keane believes Jadon Sancho may need some time to adjust to his return to the Premier League with Manchester United in the summer, according to Manchester IF. ufabet. News

red Devils spent over 73 million pounds, snatched a star player for England from Borussia’s Dortmund Dortmund on the market this summer, with which they signed a contract with Liverpool. El Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in the same period.

However, Sancho has not had the opportunity to play regularly unlike Dortmund where he is. While the two former Real Madrid players have become mainstays of Manchester United almost immediately since the start of the season, Roy Keane has said that.

“Of course it was a slow start for him. He did well at Dortmund, Dortmund, but it’s different when it comes to Manchester United with the expectations are very high, “

” Maybe it’s because the shadow of the greatness of Christ. Tiano Ronaldo, but I always give young players opportunities. He had only been here for a few months. It’s a good chance he could play in the game against Andorra, but we must give him a chance in the club as well, “the former captain of the Red Devils the

last Sancho showcases to play for England in his feet. World Cup qualifiers, European zone, Group I excelled by defeating Andorra 5-0, which he provided 2 assists in this game as well.