Rashford is pleased with the overwhelming encouragement

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Marcus Rashford, England striker I admit that I’m glad I received the encouragement and overwhelming support. 

After being racially criticized for missing a penalty in the Euro 2020 final, the Lions lost to the Azzurri in the Euro 2020 final, which was decided on penalties.

Guard, as well as Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, were the ones who missed penalties. This left him under a wave of attacks that escalated into racism. Rashford,

however, was greatly encouraged by the crowd. With many people putting positive messages over racist messages written on murals depicting him, the

23-year-old admitted he was delighted to be supported by a variety of people. He insisted that there should be no room for racism at any time.

“It’s good to have the support of a diverse group of people,” he told the ufabet

“It’s something I’ve probably never seen in my life. It feels great for me to get the support of the people some of them do not watch football, even to “

” For us, as a team, it is considered good to see people waiting. behind You don’t want to go into the depths of a tournament until the final. And go in and lose.”

“But losing on penalties has a good part. I was fortunate enough to have been given several penalty shoot-out opportunities and knew that some shots might go in, some don’t, but there has never been a time when racism was acceptable or should be tolerated. and continue living like that.”

“But maybe it’s because of the racism against young players like us that happens on the biggest stage. It’s nice to see so many different people come out to support us without saying a word.”